Dubai Salon Review: You Beauty Center, Discovery Gardens

Im unlikely to be drawn in by  salon with the tag line “You don’t need big budget you just need a smart package”. I prefer to do most of my beauty treatments myself *at home* so when I go to a salon its for a special treatment and treat not a budget/package issue! bas I was intrigued enough by the brochure my friend shared to give this place a shot…she also later shared her experience- chipped nail polish same day as her manicure but best eyebrow threading experience shed had in Dubai…

I completely agree- my eyebrows are On Point right now. However, I shoulda stopped right there instead of opting for a hair trim. Pricing issues and customer service fail# aside my scalp/head/hair is not for practice. I coulda saved myself some time and money and done it myself—the aching arms woulda been a workout bonus 🙂

Salon details:

Open from 7am-11pm 7 days a week

Discovery Gardens Zen 3; Building 5; Shop 2

Range of services:Standard package (188) to 24 Carat Gold package (888)

Treatments include-: blow dry, mani/pedi, waxing, massage, morroccan bath, hair treatments, bleaching- hair, threating, rebonding, keratin, pems, hihlights, scalp massage, steaming,

Services I used

Threading- eybrow 15aed – 15mins. Rating: 4.9/5

Hair trim (cut)- 59aed but I was charged 80aed. Rating:-2/5 (yes thats negative 2. woulda been -5 but I gave +3 for effort)

Place: not hard to find but I recommend lighting up the sign at night time

Price: Affordable- mgr acknowledged extra charges should have been communicated prior to service

Promotion: I like the concept, the decor etc.

Product: Threading was excellent- I recommend it with reservations. However, I cannot recommend this place to ladies with Afro textured hair for anything to do with your hair care.

I was unhappy with the ‘trim’ and the service…one of the Filipino ladies did a great job trying to deal with my hair but the overall experience was disappointing which is saying a lot since my expectations were not high to start with


UPDATE: Please read the comment left by someone else months later…reinforces my opinion that the salon is not very professional and you need to be very cautious when it comes to pricing, service, guarantees.


16 thoughts on “Dubai Salon Review: You Beauty Center, Discovery Gardens

  1. Dubai Salon Review: Bellissima Salon, Discovery Gardens

    I have just done a “BRAZILIAN KERATIN” from this salon, exactly 7 days ago. During the treatment they have given me utmost comfort and I felt the place like my own place. Very nice people. At the end of the Keratin treatment I was 100% satisfied by seeing the new appearance of my hair. It looked very nice and my friends all started talking positively about my new look, certainly I recommended that place for a set of my friends as well.

    3 days later I went to the salon for shampooing my hair based on their recommendation. After washing the hair I lost all my satisfaction and certainly it became to the original state what I had before. I was totaly upset and I inquired from the hair stylist about that. At that time they told me to come to the salon back two days later and they said they will re-do it. They called me to be there around 1 pm in the afternoon.

    I entered the salon and there were no customers and only I was there. There were about 10 ladies working in hte salon. I got a very bad argument from all of them. They were arguing as a group and they said that keratin is likef this every wweek or two you have to do it and it will not last long. Initially they promised it will last for 6 months and in case it disappears they will re do the treatment again free of cost. But this timfe they gave me a quotation 100 dhs lesser than the previous. Earlier I paid 1200, now I have to pay 1100 again. I felt very alone and came back with total upset mind.
    Personally I dont recommend this salon for anybody for any treatment.

    • i completely agree with u, even i have done my hair rebounding from them and after the rebounding they asked me to come after three days. before leaving the salon i asked them that why my hair is not straight as per ur commitment they were suppose to be straight by unfortunately they are not. after knowing this they asked me to come after three days so that they can do it one more time. i went there on third day they applied the loreal mask on my hair and dried the mask with dryer and then she used the hot plates without washing my hair to make them straight. during this second procedure i asked them that it smells like my hair is burning.
      she said not its ok and please let us do our work, we know what to do and what not to do .

      after a week while working i was planning with my hair and got half of my hair in my hand. actually i was combing my hair with my hands and in last i realized that my hair is breaking.

      when i went there i informed them about the incident the lady amira started saying ur hair is very bad and really ugly its not our problem its ur problem. i told her my hair was perfect before this even she herself said that she just love my hair as they are long and very smooth. and now she said all that stuff to me. when i got very angry on her statement she said i dont understand english so she called her mariyam and she said she cant talk in english… all the tantrum started.

      next day i went to the dr and she informed me that ur all hair will come out bcoz of this procedure we cannot do anything u have to wait until the new growth starts. as i was left with no other option i was forced to cut my hair.

      had long hair before and now having a bob cut 😦

      i justttttttttttttttt hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that saloon

      • I am sure you visited ” YOU” parlour,and, not Bellissima…becoz Mariyam and Amira are from “you” parlour

  2. Asanka-so sorry to hear about your negative experience there but hopefully the review and commentary will prevent other people from going through the same thing. Thanks for leaving the information and hope you find a better salon.

  3. Just a while ago I came back from the Bellissima salon in the Discovery Gardens, with the worst tragedy in my life. I don’t want to explain more about the experience what I had there. For sure if you get something done from Bellissima and for any chance if it goes wrong they will treat you like dogs. They will bark on you (Especially Ms. Joy) and you will be nobody for them. I completely agree with Ms. Asanka and if I had read her feedback I would not have gone to that salon and end up with this bad experience. Pls choose a different salon. Don’t put you in troubles. If you want to know what exactly happened to me you just call Bellissima salon and ask why police came to the salon on 28th June 2011.

  4. I just finished my 5 YOU items in YOU Beauty Center. Amazing service, proffisional staff, friendly enviroment.
    The only concern is the waiting time to get an appointment.
    I recommend their Hair colour with Abeer. Proffisional serivice and reasonable price

  5. Agree with Reema.
    Waiting time to get an appointment is horrible but:
    they have Professional skilled staff. Excellent service. Don’t miss their Moroccan bath. I am back home to Canada and I really miss their Moroccan Bath. Makes you feel fresh.

    • sounds like theyve improved which is great. When I went there it was easy to get an appt. but the service was rubbish- definitely works better if you have to wait but the service is worth it.

  6. Well I was a regular customer of “you” parlor discovery gardens, initially the service and people specially Ms.Abeer was very friendly and open to serve customer well. There package was per market rate( you get better and less priced deal from groupon and similar site), the best part was there package validity period was more then 1month which was very comfortable for customer likes us who can’t stay at parlor for whole day..everything was fine until there all of sudden changed there rule..( there rules are more rigid then Dubai government rule) they put a valid period to there package and were not ready to adjust in any way. I took a package n used 4 items, I was left with 1 item and I wanted to use it but as I was not in Dubai so my package expired 4 days before.. I met Abeer and a new similar looking young lady , she told me that my package expired 4 days ago.. I request then to adjust me but they were so rude to me as if I made a crimeeeee.. They said that they don’t care if they loss customer, I was really upset and I walked out of the parlour.. Believe me ladies there was more better parlour in discovery with better price n good service.. I will not ask anybody to visit ( you)..they are very poor in customer service.parlour service are actually ok … Step out n see , u will get better parlour…

  7. I have been visiting You Beauty Centre for the last 6 months and the service is really good.I agree that you have to wait for a long time for your services to be completed but it is worth it.Especially the threading of eyebrows is wonderfully done here.

  8. asanka and sheetal, how about going to a chinese owned saon in Deira? I had been to at least 3 of them for rebonding. A year ago I was there and they charge me for only 230AED and my hair is very long.

  9. Hi, I am Komal and I am india’s one of the top business woman in health and beauty. We have many across many countries. If you are interested to be a part of our network and want to expand your business globally do contact me at whatsapp +919818001087.

  10. I went to salon YOU for hair coloring 3 days back. I selected a color and checked with them if that suits me and will it be visible on my hair in all lighting conditions. They said yes and it suits me and will look good on my hair so I agreed to proceed. Coloring was done however the color did not appear after the hair wash. When I told them they told colour is there and I need to wash my hair another 2-3 times to get the exact color I wanted. I did the washing at home next day still color was not appearing. Then I went to salon next day and told them what happened requesting then to do it again. They were not ready to take the responsibility of the mistake happened. They told me it was I who selected the color and it is the texture of my hair is the problem for non appearance of color. They further said they did not know the meaning of “VISIBLE” so they could not advice me in changing the color. They asked me yo buy a similar color from any hypermarket and apply 2-3 times. I see this is really a joke, negligence and not professional. If i had to buy from a hypermarket why should i go to them? They being the professionals they should be able to tell me which color suit me before starting to color. Lastly they at least should be responsible of the mistake happened. Salon YOU was were unprofessional and non corporative. I strongly condemn what they did and really disappointed. I don’t recommend this salon to any one in future (I too went there through a recommendation from one of my friend ).

  11. More than 5years as a customer , best services if there is any mistake you should highlighted to Mrs. Abeer the manager. من ارقى الصالونات في التعامل والخدمه والاحترام ، سواء قص شعر او سشوار او مناكير وبديكير ، المساج عندهم رائع ،

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